The Crystal tea room has various teas and the world's healthiest coffee. We use very high vibrational water that has gone through one of the best filter systems.

We created this space to be a healing environment.

People come and look at the positive reading material we have in there and they sit to journal.

This beautiful space with the waterfall flowing and the music playing will help you sit and contemplate about your life and what you would like to manifest.

It is usually full of beautiful positive people that are creating joy and happiness in their life.

We create a space where you are celebrated and loved in your joy and in your raw experiences.


Come try out our unique and special BioCoffee, a healthy drink made out of organic coffee beans, wheatgrass, and tapioca extract.

The first thing you will notice is that it is extremely delicious. But there's more: it's sugar free, dairy free and alkaline.

Got curious? Just come in and have a sip on us.