FrequentLy Asked Questions

Why is it called Sacred Mother Healing Center?

It is the mother within us that heals us, both men and women.  And it is important to respect this healing ability because of its tremendous influence on our lives, hence the world “sacred.”

Here at the Sacred Mother Healing Center, we honor your innate ability to heal in all aspects of your life.  We work with you to bring that ability to the forefront so that you can access it to its fullest at every moment whether you are here in the Center or elsewhere.

Is this a religious center?

No.  All religions are recognized and respected in the center, however we do not promote a particular religion here at Sacred Mother Healing Center.

Reorganizational Healing

It is a new methodology quite distinct from other healing methods, a new way of thinking.  Here are some common questions regarding Reorganizational Healing:

Do I have keep coming in?

No.  The care plan that Dr. Georgia will recommend for you will be customized to fit your needs based on your personal goals and her findings during your first visit and examination.  Even one Reorganizational Healing session can be life-changing.

How do I know it’s working?

A: During a session, you will likely notice shifts in your breath, perhaps larger breaths, more rhythmic breaths, or breathing in new areas where you weren’t breathing at the start of you session.  Another frequent finding is having the urge to move or stretch – please give in to these urges!  This is your body telling you: “Move!”

All of these are signs that it’s working!

Between sessions, you may feel different in your body, find your daily habits shift, or notice changes in your family/social/work lives.  Be on the lookout.

Should you not notice these changes, rest assured that Dr. Georgia’s trained eye notices your changes immediately and uses her observations to help advance you to the point where you do notice them.  You and she will have the opportunity to discuss your progress during periodical re-evaluation appointments.

How is this different from energy work?

A: Energy work often involves a transfer of energy between you and your surrounding environment, usually mediated by or even traveling through the energy healer.  With Reorganization Healing,  there is no transfer of energy.  Dr. Georgia simply cues your nervous system to become aware (consciously or subconsciously) of areas of your body that need attention in order to heal.

When will my pain go away?

A: Many people come to us because they have pain and have been very satisfied with the results of their Reorganizational Healing, although it is hard to predict when each person’s pain will go away.

There are at least two different ways of understanding why you have pain.  One is that the pain is leftover from a past experience that you have not fully processed and moved on from.

The other is that pain is an urgent signal your body gives you when it is time for you to change something.  What needs to change could be anything in a wide range possibilities, such as the position in which you sit, the emotions you are giving energy too, or a work or relationship decision that you have been putting off.

So the pain will remain as long as this goes unchanged.  However you interpret pain, Dr. Georgia uses the Reorganization Healing techniques to help you tap into the unprocessed experience so you can grow from it and move on or to help you find the knowledge and courage to change what needs changing.

How come my doctor didn’t tell me about reorganizational healing?

Most Medical Doctors have the philosophy that if something is undesirable about your body, they are the only ones that can do anything about it, and they must change it right away by altering biochemical processes (i.e. administering drugs) or getting rid of it (i.e. surgery to remove or structurally repair it).

This is not consistent with our philosophy, so it is not surprising that they may be unaware of what we do or that they chose not to recommend it.

Our philosophy says that your body is so smart that what is “undesirable” is actually an adaptation your body did on purpose.  What often happens as your body undergoes Reorganizational Healing is that you make changes on a much deeper level than medical doctors even understand, and these “undesirable” things go away.

Your touch is so light, how can that do anything?

A:  All natural systems are what we call non-linear dynamic – A large input can have little effect, and a small input can have a huge effect.   You could say that we work with the butterfly effect.

If you think about lightning storms, the system is the atmosphere, and the atmosphere gets charged to the point that it does not need much of an input to create this disproportionately enormous effect of thunder and lightning.  Similarly, your body has many systems that are constantly poised for change–and it does not require a big input, just the right input, to create a relatively large effect.

Do you take insurance?

No, we don't.

Some terms we use

Reorganizational Healing:

The result of Network Spinal Analysis  + Somato Respiratory Integration

Network Spinal Analysis

A chiropractic technique that involves gentle, precise contacts along the spine.

Somato Respiratory Integration

An exercise for creating self-awareness through contacting and breathing into charged areas of the body, accompanied by vocalizations.


In order to experience Reorganizational Healing, disconnected parts of you will learn to communicate, entraining to each other’s frequency and working together to be more physically and emotionally adaptable in life.  This happens as a result of the gentle NSA contacts Dr. Georgia makes during your session.


The unique combination of services provided by Dr. Georgia that promote optimum well-being.  They include Network Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration, prayer, affirmations and life-coaching.


The time spent with Dr. Georgia during your appointment