See what our happy wellness members have to say about their care with Dr. Georgia

Awakened Awareness of My Body When I first met Dr. Georgia, I was a mess. I had pains that just seemed to be getting worse, and I had no idea why. The work she does is subtle and powerful. She helped awaken an awareness of my body that yoga and martial arts had not. I was able let go of tensions I’d been holding for a long, long time, and I’m left with a new understanding of myself and my potential.
— Andrew
Highly Effective And Intuitive Chiropractor Dr. Georgia Herrera is a highly effective and intuitive chiropractor, with a friendly, calming personality that enables you to feel at ease while under her care. She also gives helpful advice for exercises that you can do in between appointments.
— Susan
How To Focus And Feel Comfortable With Myself I was unsure what Dr. Georgia could offer me but knew that my body and I needed to communicate better. Dr. Georgia taught me how to focus and feel comfortable with myself and those around me. Dr. Georgia’s gentle ways offer a judgment-free environment in which I always feel safe. Both physical and mental pains are removed by Dr. Georgia’s techniques, which allows me to leave her session feeling a release from the ordinary and equipped with the tools to continually improve.
— Gary
My Wonderful Experience I was rear ended in a car accident about 4 months ago. I have been seeing Dr.Georgia throughout the whole process of my healing from the distress of the accident to the physical pains and discomforts. I did not know anything about Network Chiropractic, except that it was more subtle then the traditional Chiropractic. My experience with Georgia was wonderful, she started by addressing my emotional distress with breathing techniques and using metaphors to let go of the physical and emotional blockages that the accident brought on. And then she worked on helping my body find its own balance to heal from the entire experience and more! Georgia has a gift and I really appreciated her spiritual approach with the Network Techniques to release unwanted energies in the body and draw the wanted energies back into my being. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dr.Georgia.
— Jasmine
Entirely Natural Transition From Traditional Chiropractic Working with Dr. Georgia was my first experience with Network Chiropractic, and it was an entirely natural transition from the traditional chiropractic I am accustomed to. My Grandfather and Great-Grandfather were chiropractors, therefore I have experienced the modality my entire life. Working with Dr. Georgia was an entirely different experience. Since it involved me being part of the process in my own healing, every session was profound and required focus and presence of mind. She helped me come back into my body after a somewhat difficult pregnancy with twins and the intense physical demands that followed. Her healing touch and ability to guide body energy was VERY helpful for me and my 1 year old twins, who have also benefited from her healing touch. As a family, we all highly recommend Dr. Georgia Herrera D.C. as a practitioner.
— Julie
Less Painful, Less Scary The first time I met Dr. Georgia it was really informal. We met on the street at the El Cerrito fair. It only took Dr.Georgia 5 minutes to determine the areas of my body that ached. That was impressive! At that time I was in the care of a chiropractor, the traditional “crack your bones” type. My body was very unhappy with this type of treatment. I had to see this traditional chiropractor every second day to endure a course of treatment aimed at aligning my bones. I was unable to enjoy an entire nights sleep, walk or sit comfortably. Dr. Georgia’s treatment was and is different, less painful, less scary and for me more acceptable and it works!!! Dr. Georgia taught me about my own body along with the treatment. She explained how to read my body, how to listen to my body and remedies that I could practice at home. I would recommend Georgia to anyone who wants to improve their health.
— Suzana
I Get a Profound Sense of Calm I walked in not expecting anything special. I had actually started working with another chiropractor, who is also good. I happened to get a treatment from Dr. Georgia one day, and it changed how my body felt. I haven’t missed a week since. I get a profound sense of calm (profound is actually not quite a strong enough word). Stresses from the week ebb away. The way I hold myself has changed. I feel quite grateful to Dr.Georgia.
— Debra DenHerder, MD