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I personally would like welcome you to Sacred Mother Healing Center. To help you achieve your goals, we will teach you how to tap into that inner part of yourself to develop your inner-strength and self healing.


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Chiropractic care IN ROSWELL

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Reorganizational Healing Chiropractic Care in Roswell Dr. Georgia Sacred Mother Healing Center

Here at Sacred Mother Healing Center, the chiropractic center in Roswell, our main treatment is called Reorganizational Healing, which is a set of techniques that aim at your long term health.

By combining tradicional chiropractic with Dr. Georgia's unique care, at the end of your treatment you will be a brand new person with a happy and healthy body and mind.

ABout the Center

Our center is located on Crabapple Rd, a few minutes away from the beautiful Historic Roswell area, near wonderful restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries and The Mill waterfall.

You will not only get the best care in the world but you will also be in the best location in town.